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Global Day of Prayer for Burma, 2005

Karen girls in Muthraw District, Karen State, November 2004

March 2005

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your prayers and support for the people of Burma. Though they are suffering under an oppressive dictatorship, they have not given up hope. Through 55 years of civil war the people continue to find ways to work and pray for positive change. Love is alive in Burma and its light will not be put out. Please join the people of Burma in prayer for their country, as we believe true freedom will not come only through political change but through the healing power of God's love.

Please use this booklet, poster, and bulletin insert as a guide for prayer and tools for action. Please see for updates on the situation of displaced people inside Burma and for more resources.

God bless you,
Christians Concerned for Burma (CCB)

"And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap
if we do not lose heart." -Galatians 6:9

This booklet has been produced by Christians Concerned for Burma (CCB). All text copyright ©2004 Christians Concerned for Burma. All rights reserved. This booklet may be reproduced if proper credit is given to text and photos.
*All photos ©FBR 2004. Scripture portions quoted in this booklet are taken from the NIV and NKJV.

Politics and Human Rights

Aung San Suu Kyi
Aung San Suu Kyi is the leader of the National
League for Democracy, the party which won
over 80% of the vote in the 1990 elections in
Burma. The military dictatorship responded
by ignoring the results of the elections and
jailing many members of the opposition.
Aung San Suu Kyi has spent the majority of
time under house arrest. While in custody,
she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

School in Mergui-Tavoy District, Karen State burned by the Burma Army on 27 September 2004.

242 people in this area were displaced.

Three civilian men were killed in the
attacks and one woman was raped and killed.

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Burma

Karenni female IDP, who is over 90 years old, shot
by the Burma Army, October 2004.

Husband of woman raped and killed in Mergui-Tavoy District, September 2004.


Shan State IDPs

IDPs hiding in Shan State flee the
Burma Army in May 2004.

"And you shall know the truth and
the truth shall make you free."
-John 8:32

Mother and sister of Karenni male IDP who was murdered by the Burma Army in September 2004.



Karenni IDPs

FORCED LABOR in Nyaunglebin District, Western Karen State
Villagers in Kyeh Ja pave a road as forced labor for the Burma Army. The road goes from Aung Soe Moe to Tha Bo Burma Army camp, Nyaunglebin District, Karen State, Burma on 23 October 2004. This picture was taken secretly, at great risk.

Relief Teams


Every year men and women who desire to
help their people train together and go into
the war zones to bring help, hope and love
to displaced people. Multi-ethnic teams give
medical care, emergency relief and serve as
another voice for the oppressed. This year
Karen, Karenni, Shan, Kachin, Arakan, Lahu,
Pa'O and Rawang men and women were trained and sent on relief missions to their areas.


FBR team leader carries Karenni IDP fleeing
Burma Army attacks, June 2004.

Karenni and Shan relief team medics treat IDPs together in Shan State, Burma, May 2004.


Medical Training: Surgery Physical Training

Good Life Club

This girl, Naw Sa Kree, fled attacks
launched by ten Burma Army Battalions
in January 2004, fled again in June and is
now in hiding due to ongoing Burma
Army attacks, November 2004.

"I have come that they may have
life, and have it to the full. I am the
good shepherd. The good shepherd
lays down his life for the sheep."
- John 10:10-11

Dear Friends,
Thank you for sending gifts for the children of Burma. The Good Life Club Kid-Packs, Mom&Baby Packs, smile-hats and T-shirts have been given to hundreds of children since 2001. These displaced children have been blessed by your generosity and thoughtfulness. If you would like to receive a short DVD about the Good Life Club, please contact us.

Using the supplies from the packs, we are able to give the newly trained relief teams resources to teach villagers about good hygiene and nutrition. We've even included a basic health-care presentation in the team's supplies, such as puppets and a script for education and entertainment. The packs are distributed constantly as the relief teams continue to travel throughout the war-torn areas of Burma.

The situation of the Internally Displaced People of Burma is still dire and in need of our love, prayers, and relief supplies. Your gifts for the children prove to them that they are not forgotten and that people around the world do care and want to be involved in their lives. The kind messages, prayers, and bible verses bring hope that God will be with them daily and meet their needs. The children of Burma may one day see an end to the war that has held this country captive for 50 years. Thank you again for keeping alive the belief that they are valuable and can live each day in hope of
an abundant life.

"Hello, How are you? I'm fine. Thank you for your present. I'm so happy when I get your present. I have not parents like you and I'm suffering. Goodbye." - Yeng Kham Lon, Student at Loi Toi Long School

Kid Packs

  • small comb and mirror
  • a box of children's chewable vitamins
  • 2 children's toothbrushes
  • fingernail clippers
  • a small toy
  • a drawing or photograph of you or your group
  • a postcard from your city or state with a verse of scripture

Mom & Baby Packs

  • small fingernail clippers
  • multi-vitamins for mom
  • pediatric vitamins (not needing refrigeration)
  • 2 sets for baby including cap, hand mitts, shirt (not a onesie) and socks
  • a teether
  • a drawing or photograph of you or your group
  • a postcard from your city or state with a verse of scripture
Thank you for your help in sending the packs to us. At this time, it is still not possible to send charitable bulk shipments to us. Please send standard household/gift size boxes with the description "household/personal goods" on the customs form. Send packs standard airmail (USA: not to exceed 79 inches/length/girth) to the address on the back of this booklet, with the name, "GLC".

Challenges, Help, Hope and Love

Opium poppy field in area controlled by joint Burma Army and Wa (UWSA) forces. South Eastern Shan States, Kong Tewee area, west of Mong Hsat, May 2004. In this area of Shan State opium is grown in most villages above 3,000 feet. Often the Burma Army orders villagers to produce this opium and then taxes them on their annual production.
Saw Moo Eh, a 20-year-old Karenni IDP,
stepped on a Burma Army landmine in the
vicinity of Plo Htee Village, July 2004.
House burned by the Burma Army in Mergui-Tavoy District, September 2004. Boy and family in hiding after Burma Army attacks in Western Karen State, November 2004.

Karenni FBR medic treats
Shan IDP, May 2004.
Blind IDP woman and her sons in the Ya Aung
area, Western Karen State, 20 November 2004.
When they fled, one of her sons carried her
and the other son carried their food to the
IDP hiding site.
Wa boarding school in Northern Wa State 2004. In spite of the narcotics, poverty and Burma Army pressure, the Wa church continues its mission of love and service among the Wa people.
Pa'O and Shan read the bible together, May 2004.


Prayer Points

  • For God's light of truth and love to penetrate every part of Burma.
  • For freedom and lasting peace for the whole of Burma.
  • For justice and the desire within all those in leadership to work for the good of everyone they represent.
  • For relief teams of all ethnic groups to be trained and sent to give help, hope and love to the oppressed. Please pray they will be effective in bringing relief to suffering people of Burma as well as building up understanding, reconciliation and unity between all the peoples of Burma.
  • For friends around the world to stand up for the people of Burma.
  • For the restoration of democracy, ethnic rights and freedom for all political prisoners

Request for prayer from a young Karenni leader attending Ethnic Unity and Leadership Training 2004:

  • Every ethnic group in Burma should work together for peace and freedom.
  • Every tribe in Karenni should have unity and work together for peace and freedom.
  • Every tribe should forgive each other.
  • A change from the dictatorship to democracy in Burma.

Prayer Requests from a Rawang woman from Kachin State, an assistant medic on FBR relief team:

  • For the land confiscation by the Burma Army to stop.
  • For the church to be strong and encouraged.
  • For the victims of torture, rape, and other human rights violations perpetrated by the Burma Army in Kachin State.





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Love in Action. 12 minute video about the war in Burma and relief teams in action.

(Please contact CCB for a free copy).


Beyond Rangoon. 1995 Castle Rock Entertainment. Stars Patricia Arquette.


No Peace, No Mercy. 14 minute video on the Internally Displaced People of Burma.

Forgotten Allies. 1994 BBC Timewatch.

(Please contact CCB for a free copy of "Love in Action" , "Good Life Club" , "No Peace, No Mercy", or "Steps
to Freedom" videos)

Pa'O ladies in Shan State greet a relief team, May 2004.
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