CCB: Run 4 Relief

Run / Walk for Relief—Burma

For a million villagers in Burma, running is not a choice.

You can run to raise awareness and funds for those suffering in Burma.

Other Ways to Run:


Running in Support of the Free Burma Rangers

  If there is no Run For Relief in your area, another way to run for the people of Burma is to run in a local event, such as a marathon or triathlon. If you are interested in running to raise awareness and support for those suffering in Burma, please contact us at
  Graham West running the 2008 London Marathon in support of FBR

Sponsoring a Run:


If you are interested in sponsoring a Run for Relief, please contact and view the materials related to race sponsorship listed here

Organizer's Handbook  
Sample individual sponsorship form  
Run 4 Relief Poster  

Past Runs for Relief:


2010 Runs For Relief:

  Dates: Locations: Results/Forms
  February 16, 2010 Chiang Mai, Thailand (FBR) Results

2009 Runs For Relief:

  March 7, 2009 Chiang Mai, Thailand (FBR)
  March 8, 2009 Gig Harbor, WA, USA (Chapel Hill Church)
  April 18, 2009 Adelaide, Australia (Partners)
  October 11, 2009 Denver, Colorado

2008 Runs For Relief:

  March 16, 2008 Northern Karen State (this is the first Run For Relief held inside Burma)
  March 29, 2008 Gig Harbor, WA, USA (Chapel Hill Church)
  April 19, 2008 Bellingham WA, USA
  September 20, 2008 Wollongbar, NSW, Australia (Partners AU)
  October 4, 2008

Edinburgh, Scotland (Partners UK)

2007 Runs For Relief:

  April 21, 2007 Chiang Mai, Thailand
  May 12, 2007 Gig Harbor, Washington
  June 2007 Norway
  September 8, 2007 Wollongbar Australia (