by Drucie Bathin

I used to walk down the aisles, but now I orbit from up high.
With my opal light so bright, I see the world all sides.
When I look down to the south pole, I see only empty white snow.
But when I look on to Burma country, all it beauty, rich land of TENASSARIM.
Is given from God.

In the ever green valley of TENASARI, my people my pets lives joyfully.
From teak trees, branches on out, I see rainbows all around.
In the land where I used to step, precious stones sparkle underneath.
Every place I glace, I see amazing grace.
Beauty, beauty.

Golden land of TENASSARIM, Oh my mother, I adore you.
With you in mind, I live on cumulus, as proud as a peacock.
Peaceful, quiet, no cry heard.
Paradise, heaven is no better.
Suddenly a sharp noise, what? From what? I ask
Vampire, hey vampire.

Shoot in and out aiming at us, Oh, God, Oh my savior.
Screaming, mourning, can anyone help. Please help?
From the teak tree I look down, red blood all around.

In the land where I used to step,
Bloodshed flows and flows.
Beauty and blood

You flee, I fly to free our lives, to an open land, where vampires can not hide.
Oh mom, Oh dad, I would fly back to see if you live.
My soul and heart are broken up , you in vampireís trash.
Weep and pray to your god to allow you more breath, more space.
I weep and pray just to see you once again.

After my flight that brutal night, I donít come back for a time.
In my mind what do I see, human being live frightfully.
My sense hurt my eyes purple, I canít open them so long.
Just once a month I will come and shine on TENASSARIM.

I bear what you suffer, until you can come home.